Regular Producers


More Tea, Vicar

Vicki Edwards joined us as a regular producer just over a year ago. She brings a range of homemade cakes and interesting scones.

Citrus & Preserves

Ian & Liz

When Kempley market started, they sold vegetables, soon adding cheese and yoghurt to their produce. They began experimenting with crops more associated with tropical or sub-tropical climates, minus artificial heating. They now have a good selection of mature citrus trees producing enough to make marmalade and other citrus desserts.

Market Café

Enjoy butties made from dry-cured bacon and sausages - from pigs reared in the Malverns, cured in  Ledbury and cooked in Kempley.  Served in freshly  baked sourdough bread from The  Forest  Bakehouse.  Catch up with friends and neighbours over a cuppa in the cafe. 

Market Book Swap

A great selection of good reads which are regularly rotated in the Book Swap. If you have nothing to exchange, then just leave a donation in the pot. 

Guest Producers

Authentic Thai

Joy Worthing

An authentic taste of the East with fabulous Spring Rolls ... not spicy, but Oh so tasty. Heat comes from the sauce you choose to dip them in. No-one can beat these snacks, so if you haven't tried them yet, you're in for a treat. Joy may also be concocting some other 'wonton' style tasty bites too.

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