Our Story

The Kempley Produce Market experience 
“…for food less travelled” is everything that supermarket shopping is not. It’s a joy. You can be confident of the ‘where and how’ the food has been produced.

A place for people to meet and chat
Catching up with friends and neighbours, visitors and local producers – while finding out what’s going on around and about – is the central purpose of the market. You can get a cup of fairtrade tea or coffee and homemade cake at a ridiculously low price in our cafe. Our bacon butties are legendary with locally sourced bread baked just for us by the Forest Bakehouse, home cured bacon and really tasty sausages. Living rurally, our book swap thrives, with an excellent turnover of books, which are regularly recycled.

Opportunity to buy and sell local produce
Our producers offer really fantastic seasonal fresh produce. It may well have been picked, baked or packaged that very morning. To keep the market fresh we regularly feature additional producers to supplement our regulars. These range from local perry and cider, to charcuterie, chocolates, mustard and delicious Thai specialities. We also produce Daffodil confetti in time for those summer weddings. Our producers make a voluntary contribution each month, which together with the money made from KPM’s own products, goes to improve the market experience.

Working to benefit the local community
To further our objectives as a social enterprise, we have become a Community Interest Company. Our assets and any profit therefore, can only be used for the benefit of the community. One of our most significant contributions in 2019 was the installation of Solar Panels as part of a planned village hall upgrade. This fulfilled our founding aim of bringing renewable energy to the Village Hall for the benefit of the community. We also provided the village hall with new chairs.

Working to benefit the wider community
Each Christmas all profits are donated to third world agricultural and energy projects. We have chosen the charity ‘Lendwithcare’, which reflects our principles of building resilience in local communities.   Run by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, it is a revolutionary way to help people in the developing world transform their lives. Whether it’s opening a market stall, or diversifying the crops they grow, people across the developing world are bursting with business ideas; all they need is a helping hand to get started.

The Prince of Wales Award
We were thrilled to receive the esteemed Prince of Wales Award in 2019. “The market was chosen as it played the strongest part in its local community and had long term viability. It provides a venue for local residents to meet on an informal and regular basis, vitally important given the village’s remoteness, lack of transport and elderly population. It also offers a platform for local food producers, promoting an ethos of sustainability and resilience, with profits going towards funding a renewable energy scheme for the village hall.”                                           

“Strong local communities are the backbone of rural Britain, and Kempley Produce Market does a sterling job of bringing people together for the greater good,” said Mr Lyons, Royal Bath & West Show.