David Bywater: plants

David Bywater started helping in a Market Garden when he was just eight years old. From that early age, he loved to watch seeds grow into strong plants and that pleasure has never left him. At Pershore College, he learned new skills and soon found himself doing what he loved for a living in The Scarr, just outside Newent.

Even when he retired, David continued to grow plants and started to sell at markets “to keep myself busy and out of mischief!” His plants have been delighting buyers at car boot sales for over 30 years and he has been one of Kempley Produce Market’s regular producers for over four years. When you buy from David, you don’t just get strong, healthy, locally grown plants, you get over 50 years of knowledge and experience.

We know why we love having David selling to us in Kempley Produce Market but why does he keep coming back?

  I love the chatter, the friendly atmosphere and a very nice bacon buttie!


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