Paul Davies: honey

A window cleaner by trade (and known to many in Kempley for his professional services), Paul moved with his family in 2006 to a property on the Dymock-Newent road. He took up bee-keeping 6 years ago and has been supplying our market with honey for over 2 years.

Paul’s 64 hives are based locally – in Dymock, Red Marley, and in an orchard in Gorsley and at his parents farm in Cliffords Mesne. The hives are not moved around – the bees go looking for their food. In spring they favour Rape and later on Lime tree blossom, known as ‘Linden’, is popular, along with fruit blossoms, clover and brambles.

Each hive is started off with 11 foundation strips – a template of wax for the bees to build their combs on. A hive yields an average of 50lbs of honey, dependent on weather, blossom etc. Honey is harvested twice a year from each hive in Spring and then in July. After that the bees are left alone and checked in Autumn to make sure they have enough food to survive the winter.

Paul sells his honey in select shops in the area from Much Marcle Post Office, at Highnam and in Newent and is happy to supply our Market. And, the big question … How does he like his honey?

On porridge with berries, spread on toast, stirred into yoghurt …. ……

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