Hurrah, Three Cheers & Congratulations

Here we are celebrating 10 years of the Market with many of our producers and volunteers.   Little did we know what was round the corner.  Sadly, we’ve nearly missed a whole year of meeting up.

BUT  Fantastic news.
The Crowdfunding venture to raise funds for the Mobile Market Bus project has been successful.
Now, all Charlotte (Ashworth) & Sue (Dowle), the brains behind this project, need to do is

  • find the right vehicle
  • equip it
  • work out the Hows, Whens & Wheres

A doddle for the dynamic duo!
What does this mean for Kempley and Kempley Produce Market?… A chance to meet again ( move over Vera, the Charlotte/Sue combo are on their way!)
With the mobile market coming to Kempley on regular monthly dates, we’ll be looking forward to seeing our Market Family again … it’s been such a long time.
Even if we can’t return to the hustle and bustle of the Cafe of the past, we can surely provide the means in and around the Village Hall (which has undergone some spanking good improvements) for meeting up with friends over a coffee, cake or bacon sandwich.
Pre-orders from the Bus could be collected and new purchases made, followed by a nice sit-down and chat…. PERFECT.
Getting excited already.

Before we get there though, the Marketeers wish you all a safe, Happy and Bubble(y) Christmas.  Those of you lucky enough to be able to celebrate with family, have fun and the rest of us will hang on in there a little bit longer.

Here’s to Vaccines, local producers and Community.

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