Celebrating Women’s Day

Kempley Produce Market is proud to support the work that Lendwithcare and their partners do to provide economic opportunities to women living in poverty. Over 80% of entrepreneurs are women. And three of their partners in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe lend solely to women running businesses in some of the most remote parts of Southern Africa. About 75% of women in Sub-Sahara Africa and 69% in South Asia do not have access to bank accounts and rely on the work of micro-financing organisations.

Whilst progress has been made to bridge the gender inequality gap in the social, political and economic arena, in the developing world it is estimated that women own approximately 8 to 10 million formal small and medium-sized enterprises, yet 80% of women-owned small businesses are unable to access the credit that they need.

Celebrate International Women’s Day THIS Sunday 8th March

Find out more about our partnership with Lendwithcare here.


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