Daffodil Confetti

Maggie Bligh, liberating cultivated daffodils from Shaw Common to prevent contaminating the wild variety (picture of Vera’s field, an SSSI for the native species). This has been an ongoing effort by Dymock Forest Rural Action (DyFRA).  But these daffodils don’t go to waste – they are made into Kempley’s unique Daffodil Confetti.  A speciality for local brides and Golden Wedding Anniversaries.  Available through the Market, we painstakingly shred hundreds of daffodil flowers and arrange them carefully on drying trays ready for any and all forthcoming celebrations. As  you can imagine, this is a labour of love – or madness. But it does enable the team to catch up over a cuppa at the same time as shredding large quantities of daffodil flowers.


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