From Farm to Fork – Charlotte’s new venture

Charlotte Ashworth has been our regular supplier of local free range meat since last summer. Now, just 4 years after moving to Gorsely, Charlotte and her partner Andy have opened Brockmore Farm Shop You can get your free range lamb, goat, pork, beef and poultry all reared, butchered and sold in the one place. Open from 10 till late, Monday – Saturday, Charlotte would love to see you.  And free range doesn’t mean expensive. Charlotte sells her lamb from just £7.50 a kilo – yes, that’s right, half the price of most other retail outlets. And there’s more. Fancy an all day english breakfast? How about a cuppa and a cake, maybe a pastie or a pie?

[easingslider id=”1053″]Charlotte is committed to using everything she produces, she butchers her own meat, packages and sells it in her shop. Carole uses the meat and vegetables grown on the farm to make pies and ready made meals which she supplies to local clubs. She also makes the cakes and biscuits and preserves.

Want to know more about where your food comes from? Just call into Brockmore Farm Shop, have a look round.

We (KPM) are a “nice friendly local market and we sell local produce with NO AIR MILES.

Facebook: Brockmore Farm

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3 thoughts on “From Farm to Fork – Charlotte’s new venture

  1. Great pictures of a great place! Hoping Charlotte gets loads of customers

  2. Well done Charlotte and Andrew. Wishing you all the very best in your new venture! Alice x

  3. Very much looking forward to my first breakfast at Farm to Fork – why is breakfast out such a treat?

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