Lend with care

Each Christmas all profits are donated to third world agricultural and energy projects. We have chosen the charity ‘Lend With Care’, which reflects our principles of building resilience in the local community.  Lend With Care is an organisation that brings together entrepreneurs in developing countries with those with the power to help them. Run by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, it is a revolutionary way to help people in the developing world transform their lives. Whether it’s opening a market stall, or perhaps a small tailoring business, or diversifying the crops they grow, people across the developing world are bursting with business ideas; all they need is a helping hand to get started. Kempley Produce Market will be supporting those in need of funds to develop food markets in their own locality.

AWAKE is just one of the groups Kempley Produce Market has supported. AWAKE has 16 members who are all married women with children who are in school. For these women in Zambia, to be able to supplement the income of their families they decided to start operating different types of small scale businesses like market and grocery stalls. They children are in school and some are in collage.
Beverly Munachoonga 32 years old is a member of this group. She is married and has six children of whom four are in school. She runs a market stall selling tomatoes, onion, salt and vegetables. She requested for this loan to be able to supplement her husband provide for their family. She is requesting for this loan to order more stock of the items she sells for her stall. After this she is sure that her business will attract more customers. From the profits of her business she has hopes to build a family house and also diversify her business to a grocery stall.