Our fight against plastic

Don’t bin it – bring it…

Join us in our fight against plastic polution. We want your old ballpoints, felt tips, highlighters and markers. In fact any old plastic writing implement. We are acting as a recycling collection point for all your old, unwanted or empty (or not so empty) pens. Please leave them in the Jar provided. We are supporting Newent Community School in their plastics fight. Thanks very much.

No Plastics @ Kempley Market

Well, that’s the aim, although in practice it’s not quite possible yet until the packaging industry puts future generations before profit and convenience. And let’s face it we all find it difficult to do without Clingfilm – but it’s not recyclable and impossible to reuse, so most of us are guilty here.
But we have asked our producers to contribute to a plastic-free world, and we are having some positive responses.
Take our wonderful cheesemakers Liz and Ian. They have sourced compostable yoghurt pots, so not only can you buy (probably reserve first, though) their extraordinary yoghurt, but you can then augment your compost heap with a pot, preferably unwashed with its extra bacteria!
Then there are our relatively recent stallholders, the Purchese pork butchers, who now give you their produce in biodegradable plastic bags. Mushrooms are sold in paper, as is the bread from Forest Bakehouse. Stephen Bull, who sells mainly tarts and pies, uses either cardboard boxes or paper boxes, but really prefers people to bring their own tins as they also provide more stability for his produce.
Then plants are sold in reusable pots, and John sells his organic produce in paper bags. Even our publicity now has green credentials, with the plastic ties used to support the market signs now reusable.
You can buy a Kempley Produce Market jute shopping bag for £1.50 and shop forever.
Anyone with any more ideas, or whose plastic free zone has not been acknowledged here, do let us know.

Cutting Single Use Plastics

A stalwart of the Kempley Produce Market, we were thrilled to see John get recognition for his mission to reduce his use of single use plastics and to run his business along environmentally friendly lines. The excellent feature in the Ledbury Reporter, (July 20th 2018} outlines the success he has had so far.’LOCAL grower, John Davenport has been praised by the Ledbury Food Group for trying to minimise the use of single-use plastic. The praise comes as the food group looks to ways of making Ledbury a plastic-free town, perhaps by creating a “hub” for local businesses, where alternative packaging can be sourced. A food group spokesman said: “If we look to our local food growers, they are doing their best to provide their high quality produce in sustainable packaging, and not use single-use plastic – not always an easy task.

At Flights Orchard Farm and through the Little Marcle Farm Shop, John tries to minimise the use of single-use plastic for his organic produce. “If we don’t need to pack anything, we don’t! At the shop customers choose their organic fruit and vegetables, pay for it, and take it home in their own bags. 

GREEN-MINDED: Owner of Little Marcle Farm Shop, John Davenport and dog Pip. The shop has adopted a green approach with plastic free packaging and an electric delivery van.