Nesting At Home

Join in this Easter – without leaving the home patch – a Creative Project resulting in a photo composition on the theme of  ‘Nesting At Home’; a photo and arts competition.

First create your nest – whether it be a bird’s, reptile’s, insect’s, or dinosaur’s; or a surreal nest – can life get any more surreal?

Photograph your nest – in a suitably visual context in and around the home/garden/ public space (2m apart!).

Improve the image in camera or phone, or PC and send to the website (currently in process of being created)
Entries to be submitted by 5pm  Saturday 11th – and then you may well (if we can sort it) get to view all entries and vote for your favourites in each of 4 categories.

1)  Under 15s
2)  Over 70s
3)  Artistically-compromised underlying condition
4)  Freestyle – Pets, Curate’s egg, Abstract Isolationist

Pictures should be either SQUARE or LANDSCAPE format

Max 3 entries per person.

The 4 Top Nest photos will be sent out by Whatsapp on Bank Holiday Monday 5pm.

Independent adjudicators and verifiers, T&Cs do not apply.

Full details coming as soon as – with website addresses, and any parameters we think of, or you call in as queries.
Please register your interest though….

This event is a pre-cursor to an intended major artwork competition from  KOBRA
(Kempley Old Barrow Restoration Art) – the carnival dressing of a wheelbarrow as a Dragon to be placed on the Green (or layby) for St George’s Day, or if delayed isolation maybe Mayday.

This is early notice for what could be a major construction and occupational therapeutic project for anyone …)

Prizes maybe forthcoming (or not)

Immediate enquiries/advisories:

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