Forest Bakehouse Collections

The Forest Bakehouse have re-organised their practice so they can safely offer their goods. They are currently working on an online shop which will be up and running very soon – keep an eye on their website. For the time being, these  are the current guidelines.

1. Decide what you would like from the list below.

2. Place your order by email:  or Tel: 01452830435 Tuesday to Friday 9am til 2pm

3. Tell us when you are able to collect from the bakehouse. Wednesday 1st April am/pm or
Friday 3rd April am/pm

4. We will confirm your order and give you a 10 minute collection time slot.

5. Pay over the phone when you order, or by BACS or
contactless on collection – our card machne is at the door.
6. Collect your order from the table outside the bakehouse at the collection time allocated to you.

Please do help your friends and neighbours to order. You can collect as much as you want in one collection slot to enable you to collect for others who are less able.. so share the love.
And please don’t panic… we have lots of flour and intend to keep baking. If this week’s slots become full you will be offered a slot next week.

Ps Please note, this picture was taken BEFORE the current crisis so does not represent current social distancing practice!

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1 thought on “Forest Bakehouse Collections

  1. Fantastic. I am an over 70 with an underlying health condition, but I am very slowly and carefully starting to venture out. I will order in the not too distant future from your delicious bakes and come and collect as per your instructions, it sounds a very well though out procedure. Thank you also for providing Shipton Mill flour (that a friend ordered and collected for me) which I had been trying to obtain since just before lockdown, as I like to bake my own bread, but do buy yours as a change, when I can. Keep up the good work.

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