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We’re going Brazilian – I was surprised by the news, but these happy Tasters assure me it’s the only way – hot, strong, tasty coffees will be being served from now on.  Super ethical, coffee produced from beans grown in Brazil (in this instance) bought from James’s Gourmet Coffee Co Ltd.

Who’d have thought that a small family company just 7 miles away produced such high quality specialty coffee. Their ethos is about looking after their coffee producers, their customers and their team. Over half the current team have been with the company for over a decade, ‘…our business is all about people’. They sell mainly to the food service trade. ‘one quality, one price that we can deliver consistently’.

But what would be the best coffee for our discerning market customers – who are not behindhand in commenting on our coffee. To answer the question, five of the team met with Ollie Pool. Clearly passionate about the coffee, we learnt about the process from farm to cup. Tasting a range of coffees, we decided on the espresso as being fuller-bodied and more what we think our customers will enjoy.

In addition to their excellent coffee, they are committed to high environmental standards and real sustainability. Find out more here.


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