We’re thrilled to announce a new venture – our first CAN DO event, continuing our plastics campaign on from recycling milk bottle tops, pens & biros.At October’s Market we discovered an Eco-Entrepreneur in Charlie, Marketeer Jane’s daughter, who runs her business The Bottom Line selling Hempies, reusable nappies and cloths made from hemp.So what else could we do but exploit her knowledge and experience?  (Obviously her mother was the last person to know that her daughter had long been giving talks and demonstrations) Charlie has agreed to come and share with us plenty of tips to show that life is worth living without plastics and microfibres.   A concerned mum, she is not limited to babies’ bottoms!At times it seems impossible to be an eco-conscious consumer, but Charlie assures us it isn’t.   The convenience of time-saving (read planet-destroying) petrochemical-derived products is akin to an addiction that we all need to quit, discover real alternatives and enjoy new ways of coping.  The senior generation well know that life is perfectly agreeable without them.   We’ve just forgotton.  Who hasn’t succumbed to the seduction of miracle microfibre cloth glass cleaners?   … what happened to a little vinegar – just as effective without being a long lasting pollutant.Do come along on the afternoon of Saturday 16th November to the Village Hall between 2.00 – 4.00 pm.   Two short hours to maybe adapt our ways and help the environment.No lecturing or hectoring – just examples of what we CAN DO.   Now, that’s a nice change, isn’t it?!


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