Are you a Desperate Dan?

Are you a Desperate Dan, craving Sausage ‘n Mash? If so, don’t despair.   There’s more than one way to satisfy your desires at the Market this month – from Matt’s ready-made Sausage Casserole, Forest Bakehouse’s Sausage Rolls or back to base with sausages from Kilcot Pigs.  Bangers all the way.  There’ll be bacon too.
High welfare, Pedigree, Traditional breed, Pork products from the Kilcot and Rockwood herds.  Their Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spots and Middle White pigs are reared at smallholdings in Hope Mansell, Upton Bishop and Aston Crews – you may well pass them en route to the Market.   For more info you can email

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