SUPer Warrior launches a new battle

Maybe not Single-Use-Plastics, but another branch of pollutant fouling up our environment.   This time it’s a war on Microfibre cloths.  Jane will be launching a new initiative against these crafty cloths that have invaded our homes.  Now we know that non-biodegradle plastic micro plastic fibres get everywhere we’re happy to be introducing ‘Hempies’ general purpose, long lasting natural cloths for all manner of household cleaning.
Hempies are composed of 55% Hemp / 45% cotton
Size 12” x 8” approx. and Costing £3.50 each

Why Hemp?

  • Super absorbent
  • Soft but durable
  • Grows 3 times more fibre per hectare than cotton
  • Requires only 20% of the water needed to grow cotton
  • Needs no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers

A***  all round.

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