Lindy Hop, Be Bop or Hereford Hop…

Guess which one will be at the Market
Hereford Hop of course.  It is a firm cheese, that has a rind of toasted hops. It has been produced since 1990 by Dymock’s Charles Martell and will be strutting its stuff at the Market.  We will also have the wonderful Single Gloucester cheese.  This is a rare cheese originated on Gloucestershire farms over 200 years ago.   Originally the cheese was eaten at home, while the harder Double Gloucester was sent away to provide the farmer’s income. In 1994 it was awarded Protected Designation of Origin(PDO) status. It can only be made on Gloucestershire farms which have a herd of Old Gloucester cows.  On the point of extinction in 1973, Charles Martell is rightly credited for helping bring this beautiful breed back to sustainable numbers.

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