Hillbrooks Luxury Ice Cream

Hillbrooks Luxury Ice CreamSue and Jenny have been coming to the Market to tempt us with their ice cream and sorbets since the beginning, five years ago. Hillbrooks Luxury Ice Cream is made on their family farm in Kempley where cows have been kept for five generations, over 80 years. Despite many farmers now being forced to leave agriculture, the Jones family made a commitment to preserve this important part of our countryside and local way of life. When farming could no longer support the whole family, they chose to diversify into something that could be made with their milk and other local produce with as little waste as possible.

They have been making their scrumptious ice creams from completely natural ingredients ever since 2007. The Raspberry Sorbet really tastes like crushed raspberries fresh from my garden. That’s not surprising because the fruit is very local with only the pips taken out.

When Hillbrooks introduce a new flavour to their range, Kempley Produce Market is the first place it is sold. Beer ice cream made its first appearance at KPM in time for Fathers’ Day and was sold out before the Market closed. The Pimms sorbet that I’ve seen on local restaurant menus was available in Kempley first. As the business has grown, the Jones family have stayed loyal to KPM:

We value the support and friendship of the other small producers and because we want local people to be aware of the quality food made just around the corner from Kempley Village Hall.

Website: http://www.hillbrooks.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hillbrooksicecream


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