Seasons Cordials

We’re pleased to welcome Adrian & Jo to our market for the second time. They, run a small family business based in Ledbury, ideal for Kempley. Their popular quality cordials are made lovingly with fresh fruit. They do not contain any artificial flavourings, colourants or additives.   The cordials are carefully produced in small batches to retain a consistent flavour. Please find listed below their present range of cordials (500ml bottles).

  • Lime cordial
  • Lime and mint cordial
  • Ginger cordial
  • Pink ginger cordial
  • Pink lemon cordial
  • Orange cordial
  • Orange and ginger cordial
  • Plum cordial
  • Spiced plum cordial
  • Rhubarb cordial
  • Rhubarb and ginger cordial
  • Ruby grapefruit cordial

Telephone 01531 635477 or 07852 339770.  Email:

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