The Crunchiest Crackling…

Ann & Mac are living their dream on a smallholding in Upton Bishop near Kempley. Their pigs are the rare breed Oxford Sandy and Black (OSB) which originated in Oxfordshire and have great characters and temperaments. They are free-range and mature slowly, producing high quality, flavoursome pork as well as delightful bacon and ham.

The OSB, also known as “Plum Pudding,” is one of the oldest breeds, having existed for 200-300 years. It has twice reached crisis point, where extinction was a real possibility. Thankfully through the efforts of dedicated breeders and recent publicity from the hugely popular Downton Abbey where Lady Mary’s pigs were OSB, things are looking positive.

Ann & Mac currently have two pedigree breeding sows, Ali and Tammy, along with Wilma and Betty who will be ready to breed in a few months. They are looked after by the gorgeous, gentle Jack and Barney, their pedigree boars.

They offer a full range of delicious individual pork and gammon joints. They also have joint packs and sausage packs of varying weights, plus breakfast and BBQ packs. Here’s what their customers say:

“Definitely the ‘Best, British and Biggest Bangers’ we have ever tasted! Not forgetting the beautiful roasted Gammon, excellent bacon and free-range eggs! Highly recommended!”

“Hands down THE best Gammon we have ever tasted!!”

“The tastiest pork ever! It is clear that these guys care about their animals & their product.”

“Oh my goodness where do I start? Divine delicious and delicately flavoured. The crunchiest crackling with zingy salt flakes. The perfect Sunday roast after a busy day in the garden. Evoked memories of my childhood home reared pork from my mum’s small holding.”


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