Ian & Liz Kelsey: goats cheese and other products

IIan & Liz Kelseyan and Liz have been with us since the start of the Market way back in July 2009. To say they are an energetic and busy couple barely does them justice!

They originally wanted to become self sufficient in fruit and vegetables and have achieved this for some five or six years. Their Market stall has provided a great array of fresh vegetables, fruit including the most delicious grapes and marmalade, made from their own citrus fruit which is amazing!

They did not have enough land for cows so opted for goats with a view to producing milk, cheese and yogurt. There are however a great many Local Authority rules governing these practices so two years ago they set about building their Dairy with all the necessary design features to pass Health and Safety Regulations.

They buy in unpasteurised milk from two local farms, one providing cows’ milk and the other goats’ milk and pasteurise it themselves. The cheese making has now become the priority but the storage and humidity requirements for cheese are quite exacting. Selling such a product through another outlet requires that packaging conforms to regulations laid down by Trading Standards. It is therefore a huge advantage to sell your own produce, the Food Safety Rules being the same for both situations.

Ian and Liz rely heavily on feedback and interaction with their customers (and also enjoy it ) so only sell at markets and not via other retailers . The market has made all the difference to Ian and Liz and we have benefitted greatly from their presence, their enthusiasm and the high quality of all that they work so hard to produce.

Kempley is our most important market. From time to time we experiment with new products, ideally ones we can grow ourselves – our next project is traditional English and French mustards.

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4 thoughts on “Ian & Liz Kelsey: goats cheese and other products

  1. Liz and Ian, your goats cheese, the one washed in brine, Minos, I think, is absolutely fabulous.

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