Our Data Protection Policy

This policy describes our approach to meet the General Data Protection Regulation requirements: it includes the following elements: Purpose of the database: To circulate information about the Kempley Produce Market and related community activities. Personal data held: The only personal data we hold is your email address. Risk: From our understanding of the GDPR requirements, this … Continue reading Our Data Protection Policy

Hot & Sweet

What a combination, Chocolates & Mustard – both a great success. The Market Team managed to erect the new gazebo with the help of some unsuspecting visitors. Should provide a better environment for our hardy producers who suffer the slings and arrows of our wonderful British weather month after month. So far it’s only been … Continue reading Hot & Sweet

Village Hall Redevelopment Plans

 …come along and express your views.   The draft plans are nearly ready to present to the village and everyone is encouraged to come along and see the plans and chat to the village hall trustees at the Kempley Café on 24 February from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. Your views are important and will provide valuable … Continue reading Village Hall Redevelopment Plans

Daffodil Confetti

Maggie Bligh, liberating cultivated daffodils from Shaw Common to prevent contaminating the wild variety. This has been an ongoing effort by Dymock Forest Rural Action (DyFRA).  But these daffodils don’t go to waste – they are made into Kempley’s unique Daffodil Confetti.  A speciality for local brides and Golden Wedding Anniversaries.  Available through the Market, … Continue reading Daffodil Confetti

Saturday February 24th Another great musical evening for you to enjoy in the Village Hall. This will be a very convivial affair, relaxed and enjoyable and just whats needed in these cold dark evenings. A potted ‘history’ of the comedy song, mining the archives from the 1870’s to the 1970’s. From Gilbert and Sullivan to Tom … Continue reading