Cutting Single Use Plastics

A stalwart of the Kempley Produce Market, we were thrilled to see John get recognition for his mission to reduce his use of single use plastics and to run his business along environmentally friendly lines. The excellent feature in the Ledbury Reporter, (July 20th 2018} outlines the success he has had so far.’LOCAL grower, John … Continue reading Cutting Single Use Plastics

Food Revolutionary

‘Stephen Bull stood out from the crowd …The best food in London – unencumbered and refreshing simplicity.’ Stephen was one of the food revolutionaries of the 1980’s. Pictured here with his daughter Victoria,  Stephen continues to produce first class innovative food for the Kempley Produce Market. Hear what renowned chef Richard Corrigan has to say … Continue reading Food Revolutionary

Our Data Protection Policy

This policy describes our approach to meet the General Data Protection Regulation requirements: it includes the following elements: Purpose of the database: To circulate information about the Kempley Produce Market and related community activities. Personal data held: The only personal data we hold is your email address. Risk: From our understanding of the GDPR requirements, this … Continue reading Our Data Protection Policy